• Eager to heal but feeling numb, depressed, and/or emotionally out of control?
  • Feeling like no one understands what you’re going through and that you will never get your life back?
  • In a constant state of fear for the future?
  • Trying to deal with the unique grief and physical pain from treatments and procedures all alone?
  • Shaming yourself or lamenting not being grateful for every single moment?
  • Get honest with yourself about the physical and emotional impact the cancer experience has had on your life?
  • Learn to honor the important energy of fear, anger and grief?
  • Heal your relationship with your body through more compassion and less judgment?
  • Increase your vitality?
  • Be held by other women who understand the emotional and spiritual wounds of cancer?
  • Get your life back?
  • Offer a weekly teaching based on the 6 Principles for Emotional Recovery.
  • Host a group discussion to safely share what’s truly in your heart and mind beneath the surface of the brave face you wear for the benefit of loved ones.
  • Create a community of women who also want to focus on deeper self-understanding, meaning, and healing.
  • Help you identify what’s next in your emotional and physical recovery, even as you celebrate what you’ve been able to overcome.
  • Provide specially chosen kundalini yoga and meditation practices to release tension, stabilize your mind, and open your heart.

This six-week online program starts November 2, 2019.

Why do you need this program? Because the cancer experience changes us. Sometimes people suggest you can just “sail right through it,” but the reality is often much more difficult.

As they wheeled me in for the first MRI at MD Anderson Cancer Center, I remember feeling hysterical, like I might laugh or cry or scream. I wanted to shout: “You don’t understand! I’m really healthy!” Instead, I was a good patient. Quiet, compliant and immobile.

But there were other feelings underneath: anger, despair, fear, shame and self-blame, a desire to give up.

What happens to feelings when they are set aside for the sake of survival?

Sometimes they fragment, landing in parts of the body or in the back of the mind, waiting to be remembered.

About 6 months after the end of active treatment, I signed up for a free pilates class. I had never done pilates, but I had done lots of dance and yoga. I figured I could handle it.

Imagine the scene: I’m lying on the pilates table being hooked up to machinery, my body still weak and my mind still too fatigued to follow directions well. If you’ve been through cancer treatment, this might sound a little familiar. And it was familiar to my body – it brought back a flood of memories from chemotherapy treatment.

Frustrated and embarrassed at feeling unable to follow instructions, I started crying and couldn’t stop.

I left that day but returned later to take some private lessons. Eventually, I was able to tolerate the discomfort and begin to befriend my body in this new way.

Recent research in neurobiology finds that ignoring or repressing emotions or memories does not make them disappear. Instead, the limbic system, the emotional part of the brain, stays activated as though the initial experience is actually happening.

You might not be talking about it, but you are still feeling unexpressed emotions, in the mind or in the body.

Your Guide: Kelly Inselmann, founder of Joy Boots and the Yoga and Talk® Therapy model. She is a mother, wife, yoga teacher, psychotherapist and cancer survivor. Read more about Joy Boots and her journey here.

  • Structure and non judgmental encouragement to create a regular meditation/contemplation practice to support your new way of being.
  • Recordings of healing meditations and visualizations for daily use between sessions.
  • A safe place to share your journey in company with other women.
  • The permission to explore what’s next in your emotional and physical recovery.

This six-week online program starts November 2, 2019. Appropriate for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.


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  • Moments of joy and contentment can erupt - I learned I can live my life this way. I learned I can use boundaries, keep friends, find my true self if I’m willing to be as honest and vulnerable as the women in this group are. I finally feel I can move forward with my life.

  • The group dynamics were very strong. I feel a close bond developed within the group. We were able to speak openly and honestly about our experiences and the challenges we continued to face. We also shared in our successes over the 8 week period. There was no judging in the group, There was understanding and compassion. It’s like we were in a boat, rowing together to safer shores. I believe this dynamic was facilitated by the Yoga practice that preceded the Talk therapy. The Yoga brought us to a shared energy that made us desire to speak our truth.

  • The yoga and mediation relax, energize and clear the mind. It is a perfect way to feel open, strong and focused in order to benefit from the talk and sharing that comes afterward.

  • Having never considered myself anything more than high strung and passionate, I was amazed at the therapeutic benefit of this session. Kelly definitely has a knack for bringing out the true self and valuing our humanity.


When is a good time in my treatment for me to do this group?

You should feel open to deepening your understanding of yourself and able to take 10-20 minutes per day to bring the experience into your home. You do not have to feel great to show up. You can come as you are–that’s what this is about. You may choose to rest during parts of the yoga–that’s OK. Like in all my classes and groups, you will be encouraged to listen deeply to what you need.

What does the weekly schedule look like? What's the structure of the course?

Each Sunday I will share a written “lesson” based on one of the 6 Principles for you to review at your convenience.  There will also be a video meditation and visualization to go with it and to practice on your own each day.
You are invited to contemplate the ideas, reflect on your personal experience, write, and practice the meditation.  Share your thoughts and track your meditation experience by participating in the chat forum as often as you like (all written).
Each Saturday, as a bonus, I will host a live meditation practice.  If you are unable to attend live, there will be a recording available to view later.

I don’t have a lot of energy and I’m not very flexible (or any other concerns about physical ability). Can I still participate?

In my weekly classes, I have experienced yogis and people who have never done yoga and are sitting in a chair. The practices are taught to include everyone with modifications and encouragement for resting and observing the breath as an important part of practice. I encourage everyone (over and over) to go at their own pace and practice listening to their bodies cues and the sound of their own breath. That being said, I’m happy to discuss any specific conditions you may have and for yo   But the short answer is yes.u to discuss with your doctor any concerns about yoga.

Are there any live sessions or is it all chat forum?

Most of the interaction with other group members will be through the private chat forum.  There will be specific discussion questions based on the 6 Principles and other discussion questions Kelly posts based on what comes up.  There will also be a live weekly meditation on Saturday afternoons.  The group will practice together in real time the week’s meditation and then have a check in about how you are doing with the meditation, what has come up for you during the week, and any questions.  Kelly will send you ia link to join the live group each week.

What should I have ready for the first day?

This online program requires an up-to-date computer and access to the Internet.

Having an uncluttered space (free of “to-do” lists) helps you relax and be present. You will benefit by giving yourself time to mentally disengage from daily life, your phone, children and pets, and regular responsibilities.

What about confidentiality?

All members are expected to maintain strict confidentiality about the identity and experiences of other members and to avoid the accidental eavesdropping by others present in the house.

No internet connected system can be completely secure.

Kelly has a legal obligation to break confidentiality and seek assistance if you state that you are actively suicidal or homicidal or if a child is being injured.

What are the 6 Principles you teach?

A framework of the 6 Principles for Emotional Healing which include:
Getting Honest about the Impact of Cancer
Feeling to Heal
Finding Medicine in Discomfort
Increasing Life Force Energy
Putting onYour Boots and Living in Joy.
(Podcast interview on the 6 Principles: https://www.therapistuncensored.com/tu63/)
Each Sunday I will share a lesson based on one of the principles with questions to contemplate, and a meditation and visualization that correspond.  You are invited to share your thoughts and feelings with the group forum.  You can participate at your ownpace and convenience.

Who should not participate in the Healing Well course?

If you are in a state of acute emotional distress and need more active intervention from mental health professionals, I recommend that you seek assistance in your area.

The groups are not meant to be a substitute for ongoing in person individual psychotherapy, face to face social support, or advice from medical providers.

If you are feeling suicidal, I want you to have the attentive support you need from practitioners in your community. Please contact the National Suicide Hotline for referrals online or at 800-273-8255 or call 911.

Do you offer free services?

Yes! Subscribe to my mailing list for a free weekly video or blog especially for cancer survivors. You may also want to participate in the Webinars or in my weekly Yoga Warriors Wednesday Class in Austin, Texas.

For other resources, check out the American Cancer Society, Cancer Survivors’ Network, and CancerCare.