Wednesday Yoga Returns to South Austin!

The Wednesday Wellness Warriors Class returns to South Austin on October 23, 2019!

We appreciated being hosted by Cancer Rehab and Integrative medicine for the past 6 months and encourage you to check out their weekly schedule of free mind/body healing classes and professional services at

Flow Yoga has graciously allowed us to hold class in the newly minted Flow Yoga Studio.  It’s the same exact location and room and time as Yoga Yoga but under exciting new management whose mission is about COMMUNITY.  They are bringing great new energy to the space!

I have taught this class every Wednesday for almost 10 years, a few years into my own personal recovery from breast cancer.  I began by sharing the KRIYA (sequence of exercises) that helped me regain my strength and energy after a year of treatment at MD Anderson.

The class is always FREE to participants and is co-sponsored by Capital of Texas Team Survivor. It’s drop in so your don’t have to reserve a spot.

This class welcomes diversity of every kind!  Anyone who has been through cancer, no matter what type or stage is welcome to attend.  We welcome a range of physical ability as well-from soccer players to people in wheelchairs and everywhere in between. Chairs are available.

As a psychotherapist and yoga therapist, my primary question is “How can we activate the body to heal the mind?”

This class is not focused on flexibility, though you may find yourself becoming more flexible-socially, emotionally, and in your ideas about yourself.

Whether you are brand new to yoga and meditation or an expert, this class can help you make the time and space to move, breath, feel, heal, and rest in the company of people who deeply understand.

We integrate mindfulness practices and meditation into every class.  I hear from students that this class has helped make these practices very accessible and personal so that they can do them on their own at home.

Reach out to me with any questions at

See you soon!


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