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I have worked with hundreds of cancer survivors to give themselves the time, permission, and tools they need to emotionally heal after cancer.

I’d love to share with your group or company about a variety of topics including:

  • 6 Essential Steps for Emotional Healing after Cancer
  •  Trauma and Recovery after Cancer
  • Finding the Medicine in Discomfort
  • Stabilize Your Mind through Meditation for Cancer Survivors
  • Yoga and Meditation Practices for Emotional Healing after Cancer
  • How Health Professionals can more Effectively Address Emotional Needs of Cancer Survivors


Call in Your Troops

April 2023 | Incurable Joy with Joy Campbell

Talk to Me

September 2021 | Yoga Journal

A randomized control trial of meditation compared to music listening to improve cognitive function for breast cancer survivors: Feasibility and acceptability
November 2020 | Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
Living with Cancer – The Six Principles of Emotional Healing with Guest Kelly Inselmann

May 2018 | Therapist Uncensored

Here We Grow: Mindfulness through Cancer and Beyond

May 2018 | Memoir by Paige Davis

From Chapter 19: Moving Forward (Kind of)

“When I walk into the room, there’s a big gong at the front, and a few women who all look like me, with spiky hair that is cute but obviously new growth. I smile awkwardly and follow their lead, grab a blanket and a couple of bolsters to place on top of my yoga mat. I sit on the bolster and wait for the teacher to arrive. I close my eyes and start to breathe. In and out. In and out.

The teacher walks in wearing all white from head to toe. She emanates compassion as she walks over to introduce herself. “I’m Kelly. I’m so glad you’re here.”

“…A few other women arrive. Some are completely bald. It’s obvious they are in the midst of chemo. Others have longer hair, an indication that they are on the survivor road. Sadness washes over me. All of these women have endured similar circumstances to my own. Instead of fighting the tears, I let them gently fall. I already feel safe and comforted in this space, with these people.

Kelly introduces herself to the group as an 8 year cancer survivor who suffers from occasional lymphedema (numbness and swelling of the arm). She shares how kundalini yoga was a tremendous resource to her throughout her cancer journey and continues to be…

At the end of the hour, Kelly invites us to lie down in savasana while she plays the gong. The vibration reverberates through my body. A wave of warmth and peace washes over me. I am hooked.

After class, I spend a few moments speaking to some of the other women.We all share where we are in our journeys as we enjoy a Dixie cup of tea. I feel lucky that I have connected with these strangers who I know are about to become integral to my new normal.”

Trauma and Recovery in the Cancer Experience

July 2018 | Breast Cancer Resource Center

MHC STUDENT FILMS: What Cancer Leaves Behind

August 2015 | Short Film by Bronwyn Walls

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