Are you getting enough personal support?

In addition to my Yoga and Talk® Group Program, I also offer individual sessions. These sessions allow me to give you my full attention to help you gain greater understanding and acceptance of yourself as you are now, so you can create a meaningful life and live more fully in the present moment.

Often, this means creating a safe relationship space so that you can express the grief or anger or fear you experience instead of having it bottled up inside, masquerading as anxiety, irritation, lack of energy and focus, or numbness in relationship to loved ones. Sometimes, if requested, I teach practices from yoga and meditation to reduce anxiety and depression, and bring relaxation to the body and clarity to the mind.

Sometimes, you need companionship and mirroring of the way cancer and other life experiences have transformed you through both suffering and feelings of deep connection, gratitude and spiritual growth.

Sometimes you need understanding and a safe place to vent about pain and physical limitations and how these affect your daily functioning.

Maybe you want help coming up with a new framework for prioritizing your continued healing while maintaining a job, family and other responsibilities. Not an easy task, I know!

My goal is to help you move beyond a resigned acceptance of the “new normal” to a feeling of greater self acceptance, increased hope, meaning, and vitality.  I bring my experience as a cancer survivor and now caregiver for my husband, as well as 25 years of psychotherapy practice and yoga/meditation training to cancer patients, survivors, and family members at all stages of illness and recovery.

“I feel I can be myself here with you, without worrying about bringing someone else down when I acknowledge some of my pain.”

“I’ve been looking back at pictures of myself from before I had cancer. I don’t even recognize that woman. I’ve left her totally behind and it’s ok. I want to embrace my healthy self as I am now. Working with Kelly is helping me to do that.”

“This morning I had you with me. I was remembering when you were talking about judgment and I was noticing I’m no longer compulsively orderly. I’m not judging myself as much. I’m feeling softer, gentler.”

3-heartsI’d love to share the story of my Joy Boots journey with you. Click here for a closer look.

faviconKelly Inselmann has worked as a Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher integrating the practices of therapy and yoga through her clinical work for over 20 years. She has extensive training in individual and group psychotherapy. Prior to beginning her private practice in 1998, she worked with trauma victims through a variety of non-profit and local government agencies. As a yoga teacher she holds both a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and an International 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification, and she has been a Yoga Alliance member since 2002. In addition, she is a registered Yoga Therapist (500 level). She is the founder of the Yoga and Talk therapy model and has offered group programs since 2002 to a variety of demographic groups including adolescent girls, adult women, children in the schools, people in recovery, and cancer survivors. Kelly lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter.

How it works

Send me an email and tell me a little about what is going on for you. I will email you back within 48 hours to set up a free 15-minute phone call to determine if an individual session is right for you and if we’re a good fit. We’ll then schedule your one hour session and meet either by phone or via Zoom, depending on your preference. Email me HERE.

Cost Per Session: $195-225 range

Note: Upon request, I can provide receipts for insurance reimbursement if this is an option for you.

Free yourself from circular thinking and rumination.
Enjoy my guided Healing Breath Meditation video for cancer survivors.