Healing Well: Reconnect with Your Life After Cancer

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January 27, 2019.

Many survivors wish they had a handbook on how to deal with the emotional fallout of having cancer.  Here, I offer you a safe place to share what’s truly in your heart and mind (beneath the surface of the brave face you wear for the benefit of loved ones). You will connect with members of your tribe who also want to focus on deeper self understanding and healing. You will also learn simple yoga and meditation, well researched and specially designed to support your healing.  This group can be your sounding board for feelings and ideas, a laboratory for personal growth, and a sanctuary for connection and healing.

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Yoga Warriors Wednesday Yoga

(since 2010)

Weekly Kundalini Yoga for Cancer Survivors

with Kelly Indra Inselmann in Austin, Texas


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  • Kelly, thank you for teaching this class. I came away with a feeling of peace on Wednesday that I haven't felt in a long time. It took me a long while to identify it!  You are so gifted, and you have created a special space. Thank you!

  • Thank you Kelly! I could speak at length of the good you do for all of us; more or less slightly damaged people who find our way to your class.

  • All I know is that if it’s a Wednesday, I’m going to yoga class. It’s hard for me to get up since I’m in the middle of treatment, but it’s the one time a week I know I might feel a moment of joy.

  • I come to this class to remember who I am and let go of other people’s expectations.

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Rhythmic Healing: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at Cancer Rehab Austin

Saturday, July 21, 2018  2-3:30pm
Anxiety and depression are felt in your body. You usually cannot simply think your way out of these conditions, especially if they are intense, reality based, or triggered by medical treatments, medications, hormones, chemotherapy, and pain.

Kundalini yoga practices create a healing shift in your body using simple rhythmic movement and breath work, and give you the opportunity to feel something different physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Come learn some simple breathing, movement, meditation, and visualization practices to discharge tension, expand your range of motion, and stabilize your mind.
This class will be chair yoga and standing practices as feels most comfortable for you. No need for a mat!

Location: 1517 West Koenig Lane
space is limited so RSVP today at:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rhythmic-healing-introduction-to-kundalini-yoga-and-meditation-tickets-46268280673



There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion
― C.G. Jung