Give your Self an early gift of Warmth and Calm in this BUSY Season. Join me for a fun, short, free Webinar to learn how to RELAX your BODY and MIND with a healing ABHYANGA Massage from the yoga tradition. And then continue all month long!

Sunday, December 10, 2017 



Affirm your healing and connect with your Self by taking time to care for and appreciate your body and everything it has gone through.  Here’s an easy, inexpensive practice you can do everyday (or as often as you like) to befriend your body and reconnect to the pulse of your life. You will breathe deeper and feel grounded and calm with each practice. Personally when I do it, I feel like I’ve been to a spa!

REGISTER NOW by emailing Kelly at Write Healing Massage in the subject line and I will send you an invitation with a link to the free webinar on Sunday December 10 at 3pm on the ZOOM platform.  See you soon!


Joy Boots Community

Research shows we feel better and live longer and happier when we connect! Join the Joy Boots community and you won’t feel so alone in your experience.  Each Monday you’ll receive a new, free 5-10 minute guided meditation video, or reflection about the healing process, to help you start your week with your Joy Boots on.  I invite people to ask questions and share what they experience in the meditations if they choose.

Yoga Warriors

Weekly Kundalini Yoga for Cancer Survivors

with Kelly Indra Inselmann in Austin, Texas


Learn more HERE.

  • Kelly, thank you for teaching this class. I came away with a feeling of peace on Wednesday that I haven't felt in a long time. It took me a long while to identify it!  You are so gifted, and you have created a special space. Thank you!

  • Thank you Kelly! I could speak at length of the good you do for all of us; more or less slightly damaged people who find our way to your class.

  • All I know is that if it’s a Wednesday, I’m going to yoga class. It’s hard for me to get up since I’m in the middle of treatment, but it’s the one time a week I know I might feel a moment of joy.

  • I come to this class to remember who I am and let go of other people’s expectations.

Joy Boots: A Yoga & Talk® Group Program for Survivors of Cancer

One great program. Two ways to experience it – Live Online OR In-person in Austin, Texas.

Many survivors wish they had a handbook on how to deal with the emotional fallout of having cancer.  Here, I offer you a place to practice specially designed yoga and meditation, and a safe place to share what’s truly in your heart and mind (beneath the surface of the brave face you wear for the benefit of loved ones.) You will connect with members of your tribe who also want to focus on deeper self understanding and healing. This will be your sounding board for feelings and ideas, a laboratory for personal growth, and a sanctuary for connection and healing.

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Are you getting enough personal support?

1:1 Individual Sessions with Kelly Indra Inselmann

Sometimes we need accompaniment on the journey of transforming physical pain and emotional suffering into a piece of our story that gives us perspective and strength, rather than holding us stuck feeling numb and traumatized. As a licensed clinical social worker, registered yoga therapist and meditation teacher, I gently invite people to be present with their thoughts and feelings – the good, the bad, and even the painful so that they are not alone in states of grief, fear and anger.

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There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion
― C.G. Jung