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Cancer patients are primed to benefit immensely from Yoga and Talk©. Whether you like it or not, the challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatment forced you to move out of your comfort zone. As you heal, you may find yourself more willing to step into experiences that give you space and support for deeper healing. I’ve been leading therapeutic groups for over 25 years. They can be both a safe refuge and a lab for healing and transforming. Talk therapy encourages the expression of thoughts and feelings (all the feelings, not just what we think people want to hear, like gratitude and hope.) The feelings you worry no one else can understand need to be spoken and understood, including the anger which everyone tries to hide, the fear, and the questioning. Suppressing these feelings locks up your energy—and this is energy you need to move forward.

Group members become vehicles for healing for one another by witnessing and honoring the depth, courage, and beauty that is present even in the most difficult of times.

Being pushed out of your day-to-day routine and faced with your mortality is a frightening part of the cancer experience, and it’s also one of the gifts. You can look at life and death consciously and be more open to each moment and how you are going to live it. I’m passionate about helping cancer survivors re-connect with the pulse of their lives. It’s why I’m here.


Yoga has a powerful effect on the central nervous system. Practicing yoga just prior to group therapy interrupts cycles of stress and negative self-talk, allowing you to shift your internal state towards a feeling of well-being, relaxation, and hope. Coming from a relaxed state, you may engage more readily in the therapy process.

Learning yoga and meditation trains you to observe changes in your mind, body, and emotions; the group offers a space to express thoughts and feelings, reflect on the impact of stress and trauma on your body, build communication skills, and relate to others from your authentic self.

The ability to self-soothe and regulate one’s emotions allows you to better tolerate frustration, disappointment, painful emotions, and life’s difficulties in and out of the therapy office.

Yoga practice and psychotherapy help individuals get strong enough to live through difficult situations and painful feelings without shutting down, running away, or acting out. The result is greater clarity, more energy and stamina, and hope for the future.


Kelly Inselmann co-founded the Yoga and Talk® method in 2002. Yoga and Talk® consciously combines yoga and meditation with psychotherapy to complement and enhance the effectiveness of each, and it was one of the first such integrative therapies to be recognized by the professional yoga community.

Since 2002, Kelly has facilitated programs and workshops for a wide variety of groups from adolescent girls and school-age children to survivors of trauma.

Kelly also offers continuing education for therapists and yoga teachers who are interested in the integration of yoga and psychology. She developed and facilitated a 3 day experiential workshop for dual credentialed therapists to explore the integration of these practices.

Interested in having Kelly lead a Yoga and Talk® workshop for your studio, retreat center, or program? Fill out our Contact Form.

Interested in having Kelly lead a Yoga and Talk® workshop for your studio, retreat center, or program?