Get the Tools You Need for Emotional Recovery

If your cancer experience challenged you on every level…

If you long for community, but not one that focuses on the details of diagnosis, medications, or all the ways to sugarcoat reality…

If you want space held for the beauty, suffering, power and sacredness of your emotional and spiritual journey…

If you’ve been cracked open…

You’re in the right place.

Healing Well

Reconnecting With Your Life After Cancer
An online self-paced course designed for anyone healing from cancer.

Jumpstart Your Healing

1:1 Individual Telehealth Sessions with Kelly
Personal support to help you move beyond a resigned acceptance of the “new normal”.

Joyboots community

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Kelly offers wisdom and tools to learn how to emotionally recover from experiences with loss and trauma related to cancer.

Meet Kelly

I’m Kelly Inselmann. I’m a cancer survivor, a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and yoga teacher/therapist of over 25 years. 

I’ll help you create space for your joy, without sugar-coating any part of your reality, so you can reconnect with the pulse of your life.

The 3M's: Movement, Mindful Awareness, Meditation

5-10 minute video recordings of a yoga movement, meditation, visualization or mantra for cancer survivors to use throughout the week.

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Kelly's approachable and nurturing style creates a safe space for participants to explore, heal, and grow, making her not just a guide but a trusted companion on this path of recovery and discovery.

JoyBoots & Research

Kirtan Kriya is a meditation that can help as we live through interesting times to bring stability to the mind and calm to the nervous system. I collaborated with Ashley Henneghan, NP, PhD, on testing the impact of this meditation on people experiencing chemo brain and I’m excited to share the results of the study.

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