Weekly Kundalini Yoga for Survivors of Cancer with Kelly Inselmann

faviconCLASS ON HIATUS until FALL 2022

ONLINE ZOOM CLASS until social distancing is over. contact Kelly to join her mailing list and to receive the link to attend this virtual class.

Wednesdays, 12:00pm-1:15pm

Previously at:

(Flow Yoga Westgate
4477 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX behind Central Market)

Beginners welcome!

Kundalini Yoga for Cancer Survivors can be practiced by students of all levels and at any stage of their personal healing journey. All the practices can be modified for the individual’s needs. Chairs are available for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor.

Taught by Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, C-IAYT, CGP.  As a 12 year survivor of stage 3 breast cancer, Kelly has a deep and personal understanding of the emotional and physical challenges experienced during and post treatment.  She received her treatment at MD Anderson and has attended specialized yoga training there.  She has been teaching kundalini yoga for 20 years.

Special attention is given to practices which focus on cultivating compassion for self and others while addressing lymphedema, fatigue, immune fitness, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Participants have the experience of breath work, deep relaxation and meditation in every class.

Co-sponsored by Capital of Texas Team Survivor and Flow Yoga

For more information, contact Kelly.

“Kelly, thank you for teaching this class. I came away with a feeling of peace on Wednesday that I haven’t felt in a long time. It took me a long while to identify it!  You are so gifted, and you have created a special space. Thank you!”

“Thank you Kelly! I could speak at length of the good you do for all of us; more or less slightly damaged people who find our way to your class.”

“All I know is that if it’s a Wednesday, I’m going to yoga class. It’s hard for me to get up since I’m in the middle of treatment, but It’s the one time a week I know I might feel a moment of joy.”

“I come to this class to remember who I am and let go of other people’s expectations.”

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