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Lois brings such light to a room and to her fellow survivors. Maybe because she’s been brave enough to really peer into the darkness she’s had to face. Her ability to use all the tools from yoga, meditation, music and drumming help her work in both subtle and joyful ways with her own energy. I always enjoy and trust the kindness and encouragement that Lois offers the JoyBoots community.

In her interview, Lois mentions how much she benefitted from the 6 week Healing Well: Reconnect with Your Life After Cancer course.  The next one starts January 12 and I’d love you to join us.

Share a little bit about yourself.
I am a drummer, a singer, and an application developer with 3 fur kids. I am a world traveler.Share a little bit about your cancer experience.
I went into the doctor for what I thought was a kidney stone on Wednesday and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by Friday. Nothing in the world prepares you for that news. I am luckier than many with ovarian cancer. I had lots of side effects from treatment like cancer rash and nephropathy, but it was caught early and as of this past week I am 2 years NED.How has it benefited you to be part of the Joyboots community?
Going through cancer alone is tough.  Even for those with family to help them, there is no one who understands just what you are going through like another survivor – especially emotionally. Finding the people out there who get it and who let you be where you are each day without expectation of anything has felt like a miracle. It’s a sisterhood no one wants to be a part of but this group has helped me heal in so many ways.What is your meditation practice like?
Right now I am participating in the 40 day healing meditation practice. We are using a healing mantra that I used quite a bit in the 6 week Healing Course and it is my “go to” for balance and breathing space most days. I am now expanding to other mantras to meditate on as well.

How has yoga and meditation benefited you?
When I found Kelly’s class, I was barely walking, living in a constant state of fear and anxiety and on the edge of giving up. Yoga and meditation has helped me heal all of that and helped me find balance emotionally and physically as I try to return to the “real world” after cancer.

What practices have benefited you the most?
Kelly’s 6 week online course helped me really look at the emotions I had burning during and after treatment. Weekly class is my safe space. I always know if I can get that far in the week, I will be ok. Moving, breathing deeply, and sharing energy with this group of survivors is what helps me deal with whatever else is going on in the world around me.

What are you still struggling to cope with?
My body is still stiff and my mind easily rattled when faced with the pace and cruelty I see in the world. My weekly yoga break allows me to re-enter and be okay with where I am in all aspects of my life.

What brings you moments of joy?
The joy and laughter we share as a group. We have all been through some really tough times but when the group comes together to rally around and uplift each other, my heart soars. It is one of the few places where, when someone asks “how are you?” you know they actually want to know and will listen. And then there is Kelly. She brings such joy, compassion and heart to the classes. She makes it so easy to share our own joy and bright light.

What is something you’d like to share with the community to help them along their healing journey?
Find people who lift you up. Go where you are appreciated just as you are. Accept nothing less. Kelly and this group has taught me so much about loving myself, finding my strength in vulnerability, and opened my heart to healing not just myself but those around us. Just by being who we are.

If you wish to connect with Lois, you may connect with her on Facebook as Elle Brown or Instagram as DolphinLBL.





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