Feeling and Healing

You gotta feel to heal!

It’s important to allow yourself to feel it all, express it all and to be heard, understood, and validated.

These are the ways you release tension and pain, understand yourself better, feel relief, grow, and begin to really LIVE again.

Check out this guided mantra meditation for tips on allowing and working with the feelings that emerge:

Mantra Meditation and Feelings

1 thought on “Feeling and Healing”

  1. Kelly – I’ve been avoiding deep-reading of your Monday Morning Meditations since my second knee repair surgery in 6 months on August 29th. I figured all these jumbled thoughts and feelings dealing with fear, despondency, anger and anxiety were different from cancer-caused thoughts and feelings. Duh. Nope. They are the same feelings! The good news is that all of the tools we’ve been learning and practicing to deal with cancer fallout are still applicable, and helpful. I find this comforting as I figure we will need these tools in our toolbox as we are all ”surviving”!


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