Meditating on Sat Nam

Cancer survivors benefit from having an uplifting mantra to help neutralize thoughts and fears. In kundalini yoga, we use the mantra Sat Nam, a “seed sound” which can begin to take root and substitute for negative thinking. Sat Nam means True Self, the sacred part of you connected to the Divine. Link your breathing to the mantra to practice remember your sacredness anytime, anyplace. Simply think to yourself “Sat” as you inhale, “Nam” as you exhale. Inhale and exhale feeling identified with your divine essence as you let go of worries, expectations, negative predictions, to do lists and feeling responsible for everything that happens around you. From a more neutral frame of mind, it is easier to think clearly and take good care of yourself in the moment.

2 thoughts on “Meditating on Sat Nam”

  1. Thank you, Kelly. I practiced today when I swam laps at the Y. I’m trying to make swimming a part of my life, again, and it hasn’t been easy. I am constantly reminded of how out of shape I am, how much faster I used to be, how much time has passed, how many laps I have completed… Sat Nam!! It works. Today I was able to swim 45 minutes by thinking Sat Nam as I breathed and swam. My “true self” experienced clear memories of swimming with my mother, who was an excellent, strong swimmer who loved the water. She made sure I did, too. Sat Nam kept me focused on the truth of these memories, their purity and goodness, instead of being overwhelmed by grief and sadness.

    • Wow Linda-thanks for sharing. What a beautiful way to practice Sat nam. And so meaningful to have those memories of being in your body as a child and with your mother.. I’m glad to know about it. I also love the way swimming stimulates both sides of the body in a rhythm with the breath, like in kundalini yoga:) Sat nam.


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