Videos for Health & Healing

The 3M’s: Movement, Mindful Awareness, Meditation

5-10 minute video recordings of a yoga movement, meditation, visualization or mantra for cancer survivors to use throughout the week.

I was immersed in the practices of kundalini yoga for the past 25 years (since 1998) and this is what I have primarily taught in my Yoga and Talk Therapy groups and JoyBoots classes.The combination of sound (mantra and music) with the rhythmic movement practices and breathwork have been deeply healing for me and for my students.

I will continue to share what I call the 3 Ms-Movement, Mindful Awareness, and Meditations that have been healing for me and others, especially over the past 12 years that I have worked with cancer survivors. I continue to add to my tool kit from many other traditions and to be open to lifelong learning and discerning.

However, I want to make it clear that I stand with and support the women and men who have come forward to bravely discuss, process, and heal from exploitive manipulation and terrible sexual abuse they suffered from Yogi Bhajan and other lead teachers in 3HO who emulated him. Adult children (aka the Second Generation) have also shared the traumatic effects of being separated from parents at very young ages, to attend boarding school in India where many were neglected or abused.

In the interest of justice and accountability, It’s my belief that any remaining funds owned by any of the kundalini yoga or Sikh Dharma community companies such as Yogi Tea, AKAL Security, 3HO, SSSC, KRI and properties should be liquidated and dispersed among the second generation and the women and men most adversely affected.

Mindfulness, Movement and Yoga

What makes yoga and meditation so effective at lowering anxiety and renewing energy? How can you integrate what you learn in class into your life? How do the practices increase

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Befriending your Body

Take a few minutes to reclaim and befriend your body, your energy and your day. People who have had cancer often adjust to significant changes, side effects, and managing discomfort.

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Releasing Tension

This is the 8th exercise from Kriya for Immune Fitness, an excellent kundalini yoga set for the lymphatic and nervous systems. In this exercise, breathe in and out though circled

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On Asking for Help

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting

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Victory Breath to lower Anxiety

Cancer Survivors can benefit from the Victory Breath which activates the positive mind and positive thinking in the face of stress and challenges. Victory Breath uses a segmented inhale, suspension of

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Overcoming Panic and Anxiety

Feeling anxiety or panic? Try this simple but powerful breath exercise from kundalini yoga for overcoming a panic or anxiety attack. Cancer survivors and others will benefit from learning this

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Embracing Life

Give yourself permission to enjoy life and choose activities that bring you pleasure and joy, even if outside your comfort zone. Cancer Survivors sometimes blame themselves when they feel fatigue

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Beyond Pleasure and Pain

Cancer Survivors (like all humans) are often moving emotionally between feelings of gratitude and difficulty tolerating discomfort or pain. We long to hold on the the moments of pleasure and

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