Step One is Always the Same

In almost every healing tradition, the first step is always the same: Getting honest with yourself and others about what is really happening.

This is what we’ve been exploring in week one of my Healing Well: Reconnect to your LIFE course that began last Sunday.  I’m so impressed with the depth of the sharing and the synchronicities, similarities, and differences being discovered in the group. Working together moves us all forward!

In the case of people going through a cancer experience, there can be a lot of support for being in denial and pressure to put on a happy face, even when the inner experience is far different. The pressure can come from family and friends who feel uncomfortable or awkward in the presence of strong feelings.

Sometimes, the pressure comes from within. You may believe that allowing yourself to acknowledge your fear or anger or grief will make you feel worse or somehow make the cancer grow.

I don’t subscribe to this.  In my experience, it’s far more damaging the suppress your real feelings, for your body, your relationships, and your emotional healing.

You can take this very moment to check in with yourself about what you are feeling today. Look at the list on this post’s graphic.  Do any of these resonated with you today?  If not, what word better describes your experience of this moment?

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