Befriending your Body

Take a few minutes to reclaim and befriend your body, your energy and your day. People who have had cancer often adjust to significant changes, side effects, and managing discomfort. Acknowledge what it takes and how hard you try. This short practice is to appreciate your body, feel integrated, and whole.

2 thoughts on “Befriending your Body”

  1. I LOVE how you individualized this last very-most-important and beneficial exercise in the Immune Fitness series. This set is my very-most fav for many reasons but especially that we’re encouraged to practice the movements, individually. How perfect that you demonstrate a very-most-gentle touch in doing the movements, giving ourselves permission to be ever-so respectFULL of where we’re at. These Monday morning videos are deLIGHTfull life savers, Indra. Forever thanks.
    PS: I appreciate the captions SO MUCH – what a treat! It feels good to be included, realizing that others who may have lost their hearing in the course of chemotherapy are following along.

    • Thanks Guruatma – I love hearing that you are able to get the captions. They are automatically applied and I’m glad it’s working correctly. Love you. XO


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