Blessings in the Grief

Cancer diagnosis can bring about many challenges, and let’s face it, difficulties.  Your day to day activities are interrupted, your body is affected, as are your priorities, relationships, finances and career, ability to think ahead to future events, and emotions.

Looking back, I feel fortunate that within the first week of my diagnosis 11 years ago, an experienced friend (who had been a caregiver for her husband during his brain cancer) said to me: “There will be blessings in this experience as well as difficulties.” 

I remember this moment because from then on I was open to the moments of gratitude and joy, connection and surprise.

What is a blessing?  Here’s one Webster’s Dictionary definition:

Blessing: a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.

One of my unexpected blessings has been this Joy Boots community-learning from you all even as I share what I have learned through yoga and psychology.

As my husband goes through his treatment, I’ve appreciated the energy, prayers, notes, and in some cases, food (thanks Nancy!) sent my way from this community.  Thank you!

I send that love and appreciation back to you!  I also find myself curious about the blessings you have experienced through your cancer journey, in spite of the dark moments – and in some cases because of them.

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