Breath of Joy

Learn a simple practice for bringing in PRANA (life force energy) and releasing tension and fatigue.  Breathe IN with 3 sniffs as you extend the arms forward, to the sides, and up over the head.

Exhale through the mouth in a sigh as you come into a forward bend.  Keep the knees bent to protect the lower back.  If you prefer, do not come all the way forward, simply curl forward extending your hands toward your knees.

Go absolutely at your own pace.  Go at the pace that feels right, even pleasurable to you, in synch with your body.

You can do this practice 3 times to start or for as long as feels right to you.



6 thoughts on “Breath of Joy”

  1. I loved this!! I felt so energized afterwards – I think I would love to do this as little breaks when I’m working or studying <3

    • That’s great Nanette! Love it:)) I hope your studying is going well this semester. I look forward t hearing more about it. XO

  2. Thank you, Kelly. I just did the Breathe of Joy practice with you twice, and plan on continuing throughout the day. Not a particularly nice or happy weekend. Chaos here today – workers pouring and repairing concrete patio in back yard. Dog can’t go out back and is anxious about these guys. My joints ache. Gotta walk dog. Husband left early. Kids phoning/texting their needs of me. I am feeling mean and grumpy. Just writing this makes me grumpy so I’m going to do this practice again, then go amble around the block with the dog enjoying this gift of a day. Thank you and sat nam

  3. You are welcome Linda. Do it as much as feels right! Mean and grumpy is part of the experience to – I’m glad you are are alternating between the different feeling states – not getting stuck in one:))

  4. I shared this one with a coworker one afternoon recently when we were feeling a little stressed, and now it’s part of a “toolkit” we share for joyful survival in the workplace. Thanks.


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