Caring for Physical Vulnerabilities

Cancer survivors are often faced with ongoing side effects from medical treatment that they did not expect.  How can we acknowledge the reality of our side effects and limitations and continue to live and stretch ourselves? This video talks about the dilemma survivors face and ends with a short meditation for accepting ourselves as we are.

1 thought on “Caring for Physical Vulnerabilities”

  1. Kelly – Bless you (not “bless your ‘lil heart!”) for continuing to gift us all with your weekly meditations while you are in the city!
    My practicing making self-care a priority this week: 3 things, right? First, I asked my 20 year old son to do this weeks meditation with me, and he did! Second, I contacted doctors I was unhappy with to straighten out some things I’d rather not deal with. Third, WAY outside my comfort zone – I’ve joined a book club where I don’t know anyone. I attended, didn’t make a fool of myself, didn’t have to hug anyone, and am reading the next book. Take that, Chemo Brain!
    Sat nam, Linda


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