Detoxifying Breath with Spinal Flex (Immune Fitness #2)

Practice spinal flex with a special variation to discharge anger, stress, fear, trauma, disappointment, negative predictions and anything that no longer serves you.  Exercise #2 from Kriya for Immune Fitness.

Inhale flexing forward, then make the sound “HUNH” from the belly as you exhale, stick your tongue out, and round the spine.  You can practice this seated on the floor or in a chair with the hands on the thighs.

Take this opportunity to really let go!  Don’t worry about imagining what you are letting go, just trust that your body knows and will release it.


6 thoughts on “Detoxifying Breath with Spinal Flex (Immune Fitness #2)”

  1. I LOVE this exercise, and call it ‘Taking Out the Garbage’. I ask my Chair Yoga students, “What’s your garbage day – what day do they pick up your trash?” And, they all very enthusiastically tell their day. Then, I ask them what would happen if you missed your garbage day??? And, that’s always a funny conversation. To me, this exercise is like taking out our inner garbage – psychological and physical because you get a really good chance to blow out the carbon dioxide on that HUNH exhale. And, all that physical effort has an equal and opposite psychic component. I like in your video how you demonstrate pulling in the navel center on each exhale – that really contracts the diaphragm and forces the lungs to empty fully! I like how you gave some coaching examples of the mental crap circling in our minds, and then encourage us to be honest and spit it out, what’s pissing us off. Otherwise we just recycle that crap in our minds and bodies, and we start to stink- and this is certainly not the kind of recycling that helps the planet. The exchange of fresh oxygen for carbon dioxide that this exercise activates is HUGE! And, the frenulum (tongue tie) under the tongue is WAY-stretched, this are having some connection to regulation of the nervous system. Thanks for your down-to-earth, graceful and inspiring videos, Indra.

    • Sat nam Guruatma! Thanks for your insights. I always love hearing them – especially on this kriya since you introduced me to it. Much love to you. XOX

  2. Kelly – Wow! I love this one, probably because it does feel silly at first, and I love my dog, Beauregard! But reading Guruayma’s reflections makes me realize how much I have to learn and how lucky I am to have you to teach me. I like the inner garbage visualization / no need to recycle that crap going around these days. Sat nam, Linda

  3. I loved your video! I haven’t done any yoga in a while-and this sequence ‘spoke’ to me! It said, “Do it'” and I did, and it was so awesome!! xoxoEve


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