Free Yourself From Agitation

This 12 minute video is a tool for cancer survivors to calm anxiety, fear, and agitation so you can heal, rest, and sleep better.

2 thoughts on “Free Yourself From Agitation”

  1. This is the most powerful Quick Rescue Tool I know of because it’s SIMPLE! I keep a copy of it on my bulletin board in case I forget it. I got a sudden call one day from a client who was so upset that, by my way of experiencing it, she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown – it was serious. Just by chance, I had a copy of this particular breath on my desk. I asked her to try it and immediately she was able to calm herself down enough to talk to me. She did that breathwork, on and off, while we continued to talk. And, she used it for the rest of that day and throughout her healing process. Anybody could do this pranayam – that’s why I like it. I find it’s great for before going to bed – to say goodbye to the day’s challenges.


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