Lower Anxiety with Left Nostril Breathing

Feeling anxious or stressed? I’m posting this in the week before the 2016 election and there’s a lot of fear and anxiety going around.

Left nostril breathing is a simple practice to help you lower anxiety by activating the right hemisphere of the brain.

If you are feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping, often the left nostril is less clear than the right. This practice opens up the left nostril so you can breathe more easily. It can help mellow you out or induce sleep at night.

Try it as part of your meditation practice, in the bathtub or in bed, in the doctor’s office or anywhere! Let me know your experience. Sat nam.

2 thoughts on “Lower Anxiety with Left Nostril Breathing”

  1. Left nostril breathing – who knew? Chris (husband) has caught me twice, asleep, in the middle of this practice!! Going for #3.

  2. Oh my goodness! That makes me so happy and excited to hear Linda:) When you are very deeply relaxed and in a sleep state (especially non-REM) there is deep healing going on and potential shifting of patterns. The practice is becoming part of your unconscious. It’s a good place for it to be appearing. I have had that experience as well and I think it’s powerful. Keep experimenting.


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