Mantra Meditation and Feelings

Practice a meditation to support you when you have strong or painful feelings and thoughts. Use the simple mantra in Kirtan Kriya to match the intensity of the feeling you have with the intensity of your focus on the mantra.

This has several effects including:

1. allows strong feelings to emerge to be transformed (instead of repressed or projected onto someone else).

2.stabilizes your mind

3.stengthens the nervous system and induces a state of calm and openness

The mantra is Sa Ta Na Ma which represents Birth, Life, Death, and Rebirth. In other words, the cycle of LIFE.

Sat Nam.

4 thoughts on “Mantra Meditation and Feelings”

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Suzanne. Starting the day that way sounds like a lovely idea! Next week’s video will feature the same meditation, talking about how it helps lower inflammation. Best to you! Sat nam.

  1. Kelly – thank you! It’s after midnight, and I feel at peace, and I feel acceptance of the world as it is,and ready for sleep. Sat nam, Linda


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