Move the Body, Balance the Mind-Warm Ups

Simple warm up exercise for cancer survivors to move the body and balance the mind. Feel grounded, centered, and soothed with these movements that get the circulation moving and balance the hemispheres of the brain. Great for dealing with chemobrain, anxiety, and stiff joints.

3 thoughts on “Move the Body, Balance the Mind-Warm Ups”

  1. Just did this with you, Indra. I’m real out-of-shape right now and that was a good workout – especially good for the post-chemo damage in my inner ear (bilateral vestibulopathy). I like it also, because we’re opening out the armpits (which control the nervous system), stretching the inner-costal cartilage and lifting the ribcage up off the heart. Thanks so much!

  2. That’s great Guruatma – Thank you for commenting! I’m so happy to be practicing with you, my dear friend. I love the reminders about how the movements benefit the nervous system and stretch us out. Have a blessed day XO


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