Pets and Relaxation

How does your pet help you relax and come into mindful awareness of the present moment? Sometimes breathing in synch with your pet can help you deeply relax.

4 thoughts on “Pets and Relaxation”

  1. Sat nam! My Airedale Terriers have both been part of my healing process. Beau, my rambunctious boy, needs help calming down. (He was rescued from the city streets of San Antonio.) Beau and I both have anxiety issues, and when he sees me pull out the little bottle of Peaceful Paws, (it is a special blend of essential oils, including lavender) he sits down watching me in anticipation. I massage it into his paws, and temples, and my temples and the insides of my wrists, and we stay on the floor while I massage him into a state of bliss. I breathe deeply and can feel myself becoming peaceful, too.

    I loved seeing your Ginger be a part of your meditation practice.

  2. What a beautiful practice Linda. I love that your dogs have been part of your healing process. I’m going to have to pick up some Peaceful Paws to try it with Ginger. She’s got her head on my leg as I type. XO

  3. My dog, Pippa, helped calm an anxious football fan when his team lost in overtime recently. She went to him and put her soft, shaggy head on his knee. She seemed to sense he needed a quiet presence at that time. And I have experience this calming effect, too.


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