The Effects of COVID-Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share how COVID is affecting you and interfering with different aspects of your life.

95% of you that responded said you’ve been emotionally impacted by the concerns surrounding COVID-19. Almost 50% or you shared that you don’t have enough emotional support.

And according to the survey results, these are the primary struggles our community is facing:

  • Mood and feeling depressed or anxious
  • Mental focus and executive functioning
  • Worried about the impact on others

Clearly you are not alone!  We are all in this together.

Check out these short breathing practices for expanding your lung capacity and lowering feelings of panic and/or anxiety.  Let me know how it goes.

Kirtan Kriya is a meditation that has been found to lower inflammation and improve cognitive function, helping with mental focus and executive functioning.
See reference:

Here’s a recording I made of Kirtan Kriya for the Therapist Uncensored Podcast a few years back. It lets you dive right in to the meditation.

Please reach out for support. Don’t minimize your needs.

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