Victory Breath to lower Anxiety

Cancer Survivors can benefit from the Victory Breath which activates the positive mind and positive thinking in the face of stress and challenges.

Victory Breath uses a segmented inhale, suspension of the breath, and exhale. On the suspension of breath, think to yourself the syllables: VIC-TOR-Y. See these written in your mind’s eye. Feel yourself strong and victorious.

Let go of attachment to a specific outcome and focus instead on the feeling of victory in overcoming a challenge. Surrender to the Infinite, and the possibility that the challenge will be overcome.


1 thought on “Victory Breath to lower Anxiety”

  1. Sat nam, Kelly – I am in need of today’s meditation! I practiced it after a challenging walk with my dog, suffering a lot of joint pain and fatigue from treatment I stopped a couple of weeks ago. I’m anxious for this medication to leave my body, frightened that I’ll never get rid of these wretched side effects, and struggling with surrender. VICTORY is present- I know my challenges and what I hope to achieve (quality of life, anyone?) and I know I am strong enough to work towards my goals and these meditations refocus me – to accept what is and isn’t within my control. Thank you. ✌????❤️Linda


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