Winter Meditation: Ang Sang Wahe Guru Mantra

Instead of putting more pressure on yourself with “to do” lists this winter, create a “Ta Da” list instead.

This winter healing meditation uses the mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru which can be translated as God is in Every Cell. The version played is from Longing to Belong by GuruDass Singh and can be purchased at :

4 thoughts on “Winter Meditation: Ang Sang Wahe Guru Mantra”

  1. Kelly, I’m so grateful for you and these videos that allow me to “come to class”” still. Thank you!!!

    And thanks for the ta-da list idea! I’ve been so busy with my to-do lists, I hadn’t stopped to think about all the ta-das from this year- I guess I have a lot of big things to put on that list, but it didn’t even occur to me because after cancer, anything else seems to have far less… gravitas? Is that the word I’m looking for? It’s like after cancer, I’m not allowed to get mad at little things that “don’t matter” and by the same token, my accomplishment yardstick is much taller. Wow, I hadn’t really thought about that latter part until now. I hope you don’t mind me using this space to think “aloud”- thank you for sparking that reflection!

    Anyway, part of my ta-da list: I had my first campus interview and I rocked it and I got a grown-up job * I presented in my first conferences since cancer* I moved to another state and started a new life and got my very first apartment, all on my own * I got a new oncologist and did scans in a new foreign imaging center * I just finished my first semester as faculty 🙂

  2. Hi Robyn – I miss you and so does the group. Your name comes up a lot. People really resonate with and remember your journey as depicted in the video. Just last week someone was saying she was going to put a picture of herself as a child on her mirror to remember to “take care of that little girl.”

    Wow – so much interesting stuff in this “ta da” list commentary. I was definitely thinking of you and all you have accomplished. You are moving forward in an amazing way. I would submit that it should be the opposite , perhaps, and that you ARE allowed to get mad over “little” things – and perhaps take this as signs that you are healing and in some ways getting back to “normal.” I don’t believe allowing yourself to feel some normal human annoyance will mean you have forgotten the big lessons of the cancer experience – those are with you in a powerful way!

    And I definitely think the “ta-das” should be celebrated even greater! I am realizing I think this – but don’e necessarily always act on it in my life. I hear from so many people that there is so much we want to do and accomplish because we realize how fragile life is…but as we do the big and little things, let’s remind each other to CELEBRATE!

    So, I want to let you know how delighted and celebrating I and the group are of your accomplishments this year. While we miss you, it’s great to think of you forging ahead in your field in a truly amazing way of living into your potential. And I also honor the “ta da” of the actual move, leaving safety and loved ones, and social support. Have you been able to find acupuncture, massage, etc there? If not, could these be some rewards over the holidays? Much love to you. And thanks for sharing. XOXO

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks I miss you guys too! I just found a yoga place finally (there aren’t many here)- there’s no kundalini in this town, but this place has a couple of cool classes. I’m still looking for a good place for acupuncture here, but I think I’ll have to go to Little Rock for that. So far I’ve only really replaced my oncologist from my Austin circle of wellness :)-she’s in Little Rock, but I really like her!

      Thanks again for reminding me to celebrate the ta-das and for celebrating them with me! I know as you said that after cancer so many people want to do so much because life is so fragile- it’s sort of had the opposite effect on me- I’m so afraid of everything now because I feel so fragile and breakable and scared of life. But even so, I did all those things on my ta-da list. 🙂 Thanks again for helping me to stop and recognize that! You’re class is such a source of peace, grounding and strength, and it continues to be so for me long-distance!

      Love and hugs! Happy holidays!

      • I’m glad you’ve found a doctor you like. That’s great. I can relate to feeling fragile and breakable. It’s lessened over time for me but I worry about falling and my bones…It’s quite amazing what you have achieved and been willing to take a risk on in order to move forward. Stay in touch!

        Love, Kelly


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