Yoga for Lymphedema of the Arm

Cancer survivor yoga practice. This video is exercise #4 from Kriya for Immune Fitness. It’s also a practice recommended for managing lymphedema of the arm. The clap connects both sides of the body and the hemispheres of the brain, which has an emotionally integrating effect.

2 thoughts on “Yoga for Lymphedema of the Arm”

  1. A perfectly timed vlog, Kelly! I had a lumpectomy 10 days ago, along with what turned out to be removal of 11 lymph nodes, because they were so entangled. Some but not all of these nodes had cancerous tumors. It was wonderful to find this relaxing and revitalizing yoga practice for addressing the possibility of lymphedema. The gentle movement and stretches involved are nice for regaining mobility after surgery too. I paced myself according to capacity and felt a noticeable increase in sense of energy and well-being even with just this brief activity. Thank you!

  2. Hi Nancy-I’m so glad the exercise was helpful to you. Good job pacing yourself. Sending you positive vibes for healing. XO


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