Befriending Discomfort and Each Other

The cancer experience almost invariably brings discomfort. From initial diagnosis through treatment and after, physical and emotional discomfort can be a side effect.

I’ve been invited to present on my work at the International Yoga Therapy Conference and plan to share 3 healing elements from trauma psychology (which derived them from eastern mindfulness practices) to address working with discomfort. I teach these in every class and group to address side effects, anxiety and depression, and PTSD.

These Elements of Befriending Discomfort are:

Getting “Grounded”

Becoming the Observer.

Allowing Everything to Be (just as it is in this moment).

All of this is easier said than done. That’s why we need places to practice!

How can you learn these practices with me?

  1. Join the JoyBoots Community List and receive a free weekly Monday newsletter with meditations and inspiration for emotional recovery after cancer.
  2. Try the Tuesday online LIVE JoyBoots Sanctuary Community from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Attend the Wellness Warrior Yoga class on Wednesdays at noon at YogaYoga Westgate (open to women and men)
  4. Schedule an individual session with me at Cancer Rehab and Integrative Medicines. Office hours are Thursdays or
  5. Get on the preregistration list for my 6 week online course, Healing Well: Reconnect with Your Life After Cancer which begins again in

My groups and classes are lively and full of smart women who have made strong friendships and support one another as well as welcome newcomers. All programs are open to women who have experienced any type of cancer.

Befriending discomfort is an ongoing practice of bringing light and compassion to yourself and your human experience.  It’s also allowing others to connect with you, even through the pain.  Sharing the burden can mitigate the pain.


2 thoughts on “Befriending Discomfort and Each Other”

  1. How do I sit with my discomfort? Not well. I have many ways to address it, but it comes back. I journal, go for a walk, call a friend who understands me, listen to music, read a book, meditate, pray, take a bath, or, my favorite- go to Kelly’s Yoga for Cancer Survivor’s class. But I haven’t been able to accept my limitations and find the joy that I know life holds. I will keep trying.


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